The CLA Higher Education Licence provides blanket permissions to photocopy and scan from millions of books, journals and magazines – in digital or print formats. This means that the text and images from these publications is automatically included in our repertoire and the rightsholder has to make a specific request if for some reason they want to be excluded. To see what you can copy use our Check Permissions search tool.

Note: Please feel free to download, print or copy any of the materials posted here, or extracts from them, for use within your organisation. All we ask is that you acknowledge the source and do not amend it in any way. If you wish to use it for something else please just get in touch and ask.

Licence terms and conditions

The Ts & Cs of your Higher Education Licence mean that you can re-use content to support teaching and learning without having to separately clear permissions to do so (CLA has done this on your behalf) – so your university can make one annual transaction with CLA, instead of countless ad hoc transactions with rightsholders. 

Licence agreement (effective 1 August 2016)

CLA UUK/GuildHE Higher Education Licence – download and complete to renew

CLA Independent Higher Education Licence – download and complete to renew

User Guidelines

A detailed but ‘plain English’ guide to the Licence terms and conditions.

CLA HE User Guidelines

CLA Notice for Display

An at-a-glance one-page notice for staff. We recommend that they are displayed next to fixed-location copying machines and made available on your staff intranet.

CLA HE Notice for Display (2016-2019) 

CLA HE Notice for Display (2016-2019) – Welsh Language Version

Role-specific Guidance

Read our specific guidance for :

Academic Staff

Data and Finance Staff

Library and e-learning staff

Guide to Student Data and Fees

Quick Guide – Commercial Research Consultancy

Checklist: Making Digital Copies

This document is a checklist for staff members expected to make copies themselves, most likely in a decentralised scanning system.  As such it is less suitable for institutions adopting a centralised scanning system or using the DCS.

Checklist: Administering your Licence

This document is intended for Licence Co-ordinators new to the role, and provide a year-long checklist of areas to consider.

Non Credit Bearing Students (NCBS)

If you hold the HE Licence for UUK or Guild HE members, you will be asked to recount your NCBS FTE equivalent figure and submit this to CLA. This figure will be used for successive years in the new Licence term, unless amended by the institution. When prompted by your renewal comm, return this figure. Guidance on calculating it is given in our NCBS guidance document.

Glossary of terms

A guide intended to help clarify some of the terms used by CLA.

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For any information that is not covered here, you might find it helpful to visit our I’d Like to Know page. Alternatively, you can contact the Higher Education Team who will be happy to help.