The CLA Higher Education Licence provides blanket permissions to photocopy and scan from millions of books, journals and magazines. This means that the text and images from these publications is automatically included in our repertoire and the rightsholder has to make a specific request if for some reason they want to be excluded. The Licence also provides the permission to copy from a wide range of Digital Material, from e-books to certain websites, although these are not automatically included so you need to check here to see if they have opted in to the Licence. 

Licence terms and conditions

The Ts & Cs of your Higher Education Licence mean that you can re-use content to support teaching and learning without having to separately clear permissions to do so (CLA has done this on your behalf) – so your university can make one annual transaction with CLA, instead of countless ad hoc transactions with rightsholders. 

New licence agreement (effective 1 August 2016)

NEW CLA UUK/GuildHE Higher Education Licence – download and complete to apply

NEW CLA Independent Higher Education Licence – download and complete to apply

Current Licence terms (expires 31 July 2016)

CLA Higher Education Licence UUKGHE (2014-16)

CLA Independent HE Licence

July 2015 HE Licence Definitions Side Letter

Changes to CLA HE Licence Definitions July 2015

User Guidelines

A detailed but ‘plain English’ guide to the Licence terms and conditions.

CLA HE User Guidelines

CLA Notice for Display

An at-a-glance one-page notice for staff. We recommend that they are displayed next to fixed-location copying machines and made available on your staff intranet.

CLA HE Notice for Display

CLA HE Notice for Display – Welsh Language

Glossary of terms

A guide intended to help clarify some of the terms used by CLA.

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Good Practice Guide (coursepacks)

This Guide has been jointly developed and agreed by the CLA Higher Education Copyright Licence Operation Working Group, comprising representatives of CLA, UUK, GuildHE and several major publishers.

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CLA HE Good Practice Guide

British Library – copyright fee-paid document supply

The British Library provides copyright-fee-paid document supply services to UK Higher Education Institutions under licence from CLA and from publishers directly. The British Library has direct agreements with a number of publishers that allow it to provide both scanned and born-digital documents without encryption to HEIs that hold a CLA Higher Education Licence. This complements the British Library’s HE Scanning Service (HESS), which is licensed by the CLA and which permits the British Library to provide scanned copies without encryption to HEIs for use on their VLEs.

We are delighted to confirm that, provided the new CLA Higher Education Licence is held, HEIs may use born-digital documents supplied by the British Library providing that the publisher has opted in their digital works to the CLA licence.

If you require any further information, please contact Sue Allison at the British Library or Sarah Brear at the CLA

Research Excellence Framework

CLA has signed an agreement with HEFCE regarding the Research Excellence Framework, please note as follows.

  • If your university wishes to make copies (paper or digital) and then submit them to the REF, this is covered by CLA’s agreement with HEFCE; you can copy as much as is necessary strictly for this purpose (more than 5% as appropriate) and you should not report them to CLA.
  • However, if your university wishes to do anything beyond this – e.g. making internal copies to decide whether or not to submit an item to REF, or making copies which are not subsequently submitted to HEFCE – this is not covered by the HEFCE agreement but by your institution’s individual licence agreement with CLA. Such copies must be reported to CLA in the usual way, but referencing ‘REF’ in the ‘Course Code’ column on the reporting spreadsheet and the total number of staff with access should be listed. All other terms and conditions apply.

Information Note

When concluding the new 2013 CLA Higher Education Licence, UUK/GuildHE and CLA agreed to work on some issues of importance to the sector over the term of the new Licence.  These were publicised to the sector in a UUK/GuildHE Information Note prior to agreement of the Licence, and then outlined in a side letter to the Licence agreement.

The following provides a summary of these issues which are under discussion.

Information Note about CLA HE Licence 2013

Future Licensing Solutions

This note is intended to share our development roadmap for the provision of the licensing and workflow solutions beyond August 2015. It is hoped that these initiatives will bring additional services to HEIs that will help to streamline permissions clearance and enable them to make the best use of new and existing published content. Future CLA Licensing Solutions


For any information that is not covered here, you might find it helpful to visit our I’d Like to Know page. Alternatively, you can contact the Higher Education Team who will be happy to help.